Monday, December 13, 2004

PRI Show '05

I ran into one of our racing legend friends, Animal Jim, in one of the aisles at the PRI Show held at the Indianapolis Convention Center (news flash...He's driving a new Pontiac GTO on the street now)...but didn't see our other racing legend friend Arnie Beswick there at all, although I'm sure he was in attendance...but I was curious to see if he'd bought a new Mustang based on the shocking news I heard from Animal about the Pontiac in his own garage.
We sat in and watched the "Clevite Engine Building Challenge"...always fun to do that...I'd sure like to see FRPP (new name of Ford's Performance Parts) donate a block to our team to race with!!
We covered the show on Thursday and Friday all day and stayed for about half a day on Saturday. We caught up with alot of our manufacturer friends at the show from Quick Fuel Technology, Performance Automatic, Calico Coatings, Eagle Specialty Products, PBM Peformance, EngineWorks-Nickels Performance, Hal Lees Shocks, ChassisWorks, Ferrea Valves, SCE Gaskets, well as seeing all of the new stuff and "tweaked" stuff that's coming out for the new season.
We also attended the NMCA-PRO and NMRA Racer Banquets on Friday evening, we didn't finish in the Top Ten this season with our abbreviated schedule but it was nice to see some of the guys that we've raced with the last couple of seasons get their jackets this time and catch up with the benchrace news.
It may take something just short of a miracle for us to be able to hit the NMCA-PRO events we're planning on getting to in the '05 season but we're going to try to get the job done and with the PRI Show moving to Orlando that's going to be a tough row to hoe for us next year too...if there's anyway we can get there we will be.