Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round Three 09 Midwest Open Comp Series

Midwest Open Comp Series
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Qualifying Results

1. Gene Hinders.................79 Ford Fairmont-------.018
2. Lynne Benedict.............66 Ford Mustang--------.025
3. Dan Tebbe.....................72 Chevy Chevelle-------.039
4. Eric Sloan.......................86 Ford Mustang--------.048
5. Corey Herman...............79 Chevy ElCamino------.052

Round One

Corey Herman 79 ElCamino .042 10.16 10.237 128.48 W
Dan Tebbe 72 Chevelle .213 11.66 11.733 112.35 L

Lynne Benendict 66 Mustang .108 10.54 11.034 101.75 W
Eric Sloan 86 Mustang .296 13.71 14.722 90.76 L

Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont .015 10.40 10.387 128.62 W

Round Two (Semi-Finals)

Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont .021 10.40 10.414 120.81 W
Corey Herman 79 ElCamino .069 10.16 10.253 129.67 L

Lynne Benedict 66 Mustang -.008 10.54 10.666 125.68 W

Final Round

Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont .111 10.40 10.418 122.09 W
Lynne Benedict 66 Mustang .024 10.54 10.665 125.52 L

Not sure where all the racers are this season but the ones that are showing up are getting it done! Some excellent qualifying shots here in the third race of the season...this was one of the tightest qualified fields to date.
Regular "tree killer" Corey Herman brought up the anchor spot with a decent .052 reaction time in the ever tough ElCamino. Eric Sloan in his first O/C appearance of the '09 season landed in the number four spot with a .048 reaction time in his 86 Mustang. The number three slot was filled by Dan Tebbe in his very sharp 72 Chevelle with a .039 reaction time. Lynne Benendict jumped into the MWOC event and with a reaction time of a .025 put her Mustang in the number two slot. The number one qualifying spot was grabbed by Gene Hinders on the final qualifying pass with a .018 shot at the tree.

Corey Herman and Dan Tebbe got the ball rolling as the first pair out in the thid race of the year. Corey's consistency on the tree paid off as his holeshot played in to win as both cars were 7 thousandths off of their respective indexes.
Lynne Benedict took a somewhat easy path to victory as Eric Sloan had some technical difficulties in his car during the pass and was a full second off of his targeted index....Lynne would have the bye-run in the semis with he win this round.
Number one qualifyer Gene Hinders had the byerun due to an odd number of competitors and ran just abit under the index...a 10.387 off of the 10.40 that he was shooting for.

The semi-final round had Gene Hinders and Corey Herman squaring off yet another time in the classic Ford vs Chevy battle. The holeshot went to Gene in the Ford by a narrow margin and that, coupled with a 10.414 pass off of the 10.40 index was too much for Corey's 10.253 time off of his 10.16 index. Lynne Benedict was really shooting for the tree on her bye-run and a -.008 showed she was tuning in to the ProTree quite nicely, and a foul start on a bye run doesn't hurt a thing...her run of a 10.66 off of her 10.54 index was a bit off so she knew she'd have to hit the tree in the finals.

Well, Lynne did kill the tree in the final round with a .024 reaction that just killed Gene's very bad .111 reaction.....but at the stripe Gene's 10.418 pass off of the 10.40 index was enough for the win by .02 at the finishline as Lynne's Mustang once again hit a 10.66 off of her 10.54 index.

"I thought I had really messed that one up....I knew my reaction time was awful and figured we'd be taking the R-U trophy home...I was really surprised when I just barely nudged by right at the finishline for the win." Gene

The final race of the 2009 Season is set for October 3rd at Cedar Falls Raceway...See Ya There!!