Thursday, June 17, 2010

Race 2 MWOC Results June 12 2010

1. John Miller--------70 Nova---------------.006
2. Gene Hinders-----79 Fairmont-----------.020
3. Corey Herman-----79 ElCamino-----------.057
4. Mark Weerheim---87 Mustang------------.071
5. Tyler Gardner-----62 Nova---------------.080
6. Jim McConeghey--86 Camaro-------------.080
7. Eric Sloan---------86 Mustang------------.134
8. Bill Lehman------68 Mustang-------------.008-
Round One
John Miller*****70 Nova**.008***10.55**10.592**112.73 W
Tyler Gardner**62 Nova**.008***11.72***11.798**113.98 L
Great reaction times by both racers, but first time O/C racer Tyler Gardner was a bit off his index and John Miller took the win.
Corey Herman***79 ElCamino*.088**10.27**10.324**120.44 W
Eric Sloan*******86 Mustang**.219**13.50**13.497**103.96 L
When Eric refinds his spot on the tree he's going to be killer as he's always close on the index, but Corey had the better reaction on this pass and cruised on for the win.
Bill Lehman******68 Mustang*.021**10.14****10.177**130.97 W
Mark Weerheim**87 Mustang*.090**11.59****11.585**113.94 L
Bill Lehman's reaction time was the key in his round win over former champ Mark Weerheim, who was out for his first race in quite some time.
Gene Hinders*****79 Fairmont**.045**10.44**10.462**124.96 W
Jim McConeghey**86 Camaro***.132***9.43**9.434****143.12 L
Both Gene Hinders and Jim McConeghey were close on their indexes but the reaction time was the difference once again as Jim was a bit late at the start.
Gene Hinders***79 Fairmont**.031**10.44**10.469**123.54 W
Corey Herman**79 ElCamino**.137**10.27**10.276**130.63 L
Once again both racers were right on their indexes but the reaction times spelled out the outcome as Gene Hinders light was slightly better than that posted by Corey Herman.
John Miller****70 Nova******.047**10.55**10.584**119.16 W
Bill Lehman***68 Mustang***.021**10.14**10.260**130.34 L
A change as the better reaction time of Bill Lehman couldn't hold off the closer to his index pass posted by John Miller.
John Miller****70 Nova*****.005**10.55**10.514**118.81 W
Gene Hinders**79 Fairmont**.059**10.44**10.397**128.77 L
The reaction time posted by John Miller (a near perfect lite) was too much for Gene Hinders to overcome and both racers actually "broke-out" running under their indexes.
The next race (Round Three) is scheduled for August 7th at Cedar Falls Raceway and with the top four in points seperated by six points it's not only the weather that's gonna be hot!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Samaritan's Purse

We have joined Team Samaritan's Purse for 2010 (and beyond I hope)...
Please stop by their website and check out the great work they are doing around the world!

Nashville Flood Relief:

June 12th CFR Round Two 2010

Round Two will be this weekend at Cedar Falls Raceway

We're looking to build the car count as a few racers who weren't able to attend Round One should be in attendance.

See for Gate Times.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

This Year's Troopathon "Standing for Our Soldiers"

Please check it out and donate if it's possible:

Date: Wednesday, June 2, 2010, 9:27 AM



If you have not seen yet, Move America Forward has announced our plans for the third annual Troopathon, coming July 1st, 2010.

Mark your calendars! This July 1st, 2010 at 4 PM EST / 1 PM PST on our third annual Troopathon "Standing for Our Soldiers" will begin streaming live over UStream.TV as well as simulcast on multiple radio stations across the country!

This year's theme for our TROOPATHON is "Standing for Our Soldiers" which just gives the Troopathon 2010 a little of it's own unique flavor! This year we are going to put on an elegant event to support our troops with support from all our favorite Troopathon guests who you may remember from last year!

For this, the THIRD annual Troopathon "Standing for Our Soldiers" needs to be bigger and better than even 2008 or 2009! We are pulling out all the stops in order to break our record of $1.3 Million in a single night! It's a huge goal, and a gigantic undertaking, and we need your help if we are going to succeed!

Please help us put on a great show for YOU and OUR TROOPS. The better show we can make, the more people will donate and send more care packages to our troops – so we must do our very best! Please make a donation today and make this year's Troopathon the best ever!


If you don't know what the Troopathon is, or haven't been here for the last two, it's time to familiarize yourself with a concept that is making waves and breaking new ground in efforts to support our troops.

The Troopathon is a unique event that comes once a year and is designed to show a huge outpouring of support for our troops. We love sending care packages to the troops. We do so all year long especially on the holidays, but once a year the Troopathon raises a huge amount of care packages for the troops. It's the biggest day of the year for our organization, and it's VERY important that we make it a success!

Combined over the two years previous, our Troopathons have raised over $2 MILLION DOLLARS to send TONS and TONS of care packages to the troops…over 160 TONS, in fact!

The Troopathon is a great concept, and very unique. Move America Forward was the first organization to attempt this and continues to be the only pro-troop organization that holds an annual Troopathon-like event. The concept is to bring all of your favorite pro-troop celebrities who we already know and love from talk radio, television, Hollywood movies, the music scene and internet bloggers who support our troops.

You will recognize names like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Jon Voight, Kelsey Grammer, Robert Davi, Kevin Farley…the list goes on! They come on the show to support our troops because they understand how much the troops sacrifice and the importance of their mission to defeat the terrorists and keep America safe!

With your help "Standing for Our Soldiers" Will Give our Troops a Huge Boost!

WE'RE DEPENDING ON YOU our loyal Move America Forward supporters, to help us put this show together and make it a reality. Without your help and support, none of this would be possible, so we are grateful for the amazing support you have all displayed in the past with your donations and contributions.

Help continue and extend the legacy of Move America Forward's great work for our troops…please make a donation today and make Troopathon 2010 a successful event for the third year in a row!

You Can Also Find The Troopathon On: