Sunday, December 10, 2006

2006 Final Points Standings

2006 Midwest Open Comp Series Points Final Standings

1. Gene Hinders 109
2. Corey Herman 53
3. Eric Sloan 52
4. Jim Winters Sr. 43
5. Tim Kroneman 42
6. Robert Tilley 33
7. John Miller 32
8. Jay Roeder 30
9. Jim Rice 11
10. Dave Gibson 10

2005 Points Standings

2005Midwest OpenComp Series

1. Gene Hinders 139 (3wins)
2. Mark Weerheim 107 (1w,1ru)
3. Jason Neshiem 84 (2ru)
4. Bill Lehman 62
5. Eric Sloan 53 (1ru)
6. Josh Knudsen 53 (1win)
7. Jason Deforrest 32 (1ru)
8. Jim Winters Sr 31
9. Phil Tenney 31
10.Dale Kiehne 21
11.Steve Olson 20
12.Tim Kroneman 20
13.Erik Lawson 20
14.Steve Tisdale 11
15.Jason Ambort 11
16.Mike Hinsch 10
17.Corey Herman 10
18.Paul Burkland 10
19.Jeff Biddle 10
20.Wade Poyner 10
21.Frank Haaland 10
22.Lori Simpson 10
23.Mat Peirce 10
24.Ed Stettin 10

2004 Points Standings

2004 Midwest OpenComp Series

1. Mark Weerheim 155 (3wins)
2. Gene Hinders 128 (1Win, 2RU)
3. Phil Tenney 63 (1RU)
4. Duane Knutson 33 (1RU)
5. #9302 30
6. Corey Herman 30
7. Scott Ambort 30
8. Steve Olson 20
9. #4348 20
10. #4247 20
11. #568T 20
12. Heath Bakken 20
13. Rob Livingston 20
14. Josh Meighan 20
15. Jason Beenken 20
16. #4357 10
17. Eric Sloan 10
18. Denny LaMore 10
19. Doug Blosch 10
20. Dale Kiehne 10
21. Kevin Cooklin 10

Final Race '06

Oct 14th Open Comp Results...Final 2006 Event

Despite the cool and windy conditions there were about 80 cars on hand for the day and 9 who decided to try their hand at some ProTree racing.
As the cool weather and sticky race track came together there were alot of personal bests posted throughout the day and the Track Prep-man Kenny 'I Killed Another-One' Heoppner did claim another one as one racer had a transmission bite the dust.
The previous weeks traction capabilities claimed no less than four axles during the event.
Qualifying began with six cars entered and had Corey Herman grabbing the number one slot with a .004 reaction time and that would hold through all three rounds for the top spot. Jay Roeder, Tim Kroneman, and Tom VanTassel jumped in during the second and, or third qualifying sessions to claim the number three, five, and six spots respectively to mix it up with the rest of the field: Ed Stettin (7), David Hensche (9), Eric Sloan (8), Jim Winters Sr (4), and Gene Hinders (2).

Final Qualifying
1. Corey Herman--------79 MonteCarlo---------.004
2. Gene Hinders---------79 Fairmont------------.014
3. Jay Roeder------------89 Mustang------------.033
4. Jim Winters-----------65 Falcon--------------.037
5. Tim Kroneman-------72 Pinto-----------------.077
6. Tom VanTassel------88 Mustang--------------.112
7. Ed Stettin--------------92 Mustang------------.124
8. Eric Sloan-------------86 Mustang-------------.210
9. David Hensche-------67 Mustang--------------.223

Round One
Name......................Car...........RT..... ..Index........ET...........MPH
Jay Roeder--------88 Mustang----.020----11.27----11.399-----90.39--W
Ed Stettin---------92 Mustang----.127-----10.64----10.940----125.23--L

Tim Kroneman-----72 Pinto--------.050----10.50----10.499----125.92--W
David Hensche----67 Stang------(-.017)----10.11----10.206----129.69--L

Eric Sloan--------85 Stang--------.030-----13.34----13.503----100.47--W
Jim Winters-------65 Falcon-------.005-----12.00----12.219----106.95--L

Gene Hinders-----79 Fairmont-----.126-----10.48----10.557----108.73--W
Tom VanTassel---88 Stang--------.057-----11.77----13.092------75.99--L

Corey Herman----79 MonteCarlo---.034----10.20----10.165----130.90--W

Jay put down a great reaction time to end Ed's day of racing to start things off.
The next pair had David's 427 powered Mustang fouling away his chances against Tim's alky powered Pinto.
After that came Eric's win after getting holeshotted by Jim as Eric was able to get closer to his index.
The last pair to run (Corey had a bye-run due to his #1 qualifying spot and ran a great .034 intitiated pass of a 10.16 on his 10.20 index) was Gene surviving a holeshot bound Tom VanTassel pass when Tom missed a gear going down track.

Round Two
Name.................Car...................RT.. ....Index.....ET...........MPH
Corey Herman----79 MonteCarlo----.008----10.20---10.781-----93.80--W
Eric Sloan--------85 Stang------------.171----13.39---14.017-----96.14--L

Tim Kroneman----72 Pinto----------.071----10.50---10.442----128.90--W
Jay Roeder-------89 Stang--------(-.006)---11.27---11.069----118.02--L

Gene Hinders-----79 Fairmont-----(-.006)---10.48---10.487---120.13--W

Corey's fantastic start was able to hold off Eric's slowing pass, Jay redlit away his shot as Tim cruised along to the next round, and Gene had the bye this round and ran right on the number.

Name..................Car...................RT... ....Index........ET........MPH
Corey Herman----79 MonteCarlo----.018----10.20-----10.313----125.18--W
Gene Hinders-----79 Fairmaont-----.133----10.48-----10.453----125.18--L

Tim Kroneman----72 Pinto----------.237----10.50-----BROKE-----BROKE--W

Corey nailed the tree on this one and forced Gene to break-out at the finish...Tim decided to just 'take-the-green' at the start and save his equipment for the final round.

Corey Herman----79 MonteCarlo--.012-----10.20-----10.111-----131.32--W
Tim Kroneman----72 Pinto---------.021-----10.50-----10.379-----129.45--L

The Final Round was a good one as both drivers were ready for the lights and in a double breakout affair it was Corey in his MeanGreen MonteCarlo taking the win light despite Tim actually getting to finish line first.

Aug 19th OpenComp Race

Midwest Open Comp Series...August 19th...Cedar Falls Raceway

Final Qualifying
1. Jim Winters Sr-------65 Falcon-------------.001
2. Jay Roeder-----------89 Mustang-----------.027
3. Gene Hinders--------79 Fairmont-----------.028
4. John Miller-----------70 Nova---------------.055
5. Eric Sloan------------05 500-----------------.076
6. Dave Gibson---------78 Mustang------------.096

John Miller------70 Nova------10.64----.018------10.751 @ 123.71 W
Jim Winters-----65 Falcon-----12.21---(.005)-----12.322 @ 105.79 L

Eric Sloan-------05 500-------16.87----.035------16.941 @ 84.97 W
Jay Roeder------89 Stang-----11.25----.117------11.342 @ 115.62 L

Gene Hinders--79 Futura------10.65-----.067------10.723 @ 124.10 W
Dave Gibson---78 Stang--------9.81----(.007)------9.880 @ 130.48 L

Gene Hinders---79 Futura-----10.65----.065-----10.726 @ 124.14 W
Eric Sloan--------05 500-------16.87----(.005)----17.017 @ 84.81 L

John Miller-------70 Nova-----10.64----.074----10.763 @ 123.43 W

Gene Hinders----79 Futura----10.65------.024----10.708 @ 122.89 W
John Miller--------70 Nova-----10.64------.050----10.704 @ 123.85 L

This round of the Midwest Open Comp Series had some of the best series of reaction times ever posted, during qualifying and the race there were a number of great reaction times posted. Even the foul starts were in the -.000's
The opening round began with the 'tree killer' Jim Winters squeezing the tree just abit too much with a -.005 foul start and John Miller nailing it with a .018 and running a 10.751 off of his 10.64 index.
Then it was 'the phenom' Eric Sloan's .035 initiated run of 16.941 off of his 16.87 index that was enough to cover Jay 'Stock/SuperStock' Roeder's 11.342 run off of his 11.25 index after having given Eric a little extra head start.
The last pair had Gene Hinders taking the win with a 10.723 off of his 10.65 index when Dave Gibson had an oh-so-close foul at the start with a -.007 reaction time.
The Semi-Finals had Gene vs Eric and John with the bye-run.Eric just missed it with a -.005 reaction time and his 17.017 would have fell short anyway as Gene ran a 10.726 off of his 10.65 index.
John made a full pass of it on his single and posted a 10.763 off of his 10.64 index with a .074 reaction-time.
The finals would be virtually a heads-up race with Gene's index at 10.64 and John's at a 10.65 index. The reaction time was the clincher in the final round as both drivers ran 10.70's....Gene a 10.708 and John a 10.704...the winning difference was Gene's .024 reaction compared to John's .050 reaction time.
The next event is October 14th at Cedar Falls Raceway...See Ya There!!!!

June / Aug 06 Races

June 18th Open Comp Race Results:

Robert Tilley____.119___11.18___11.29 @ 119.57_W
Eric Sloan______.079__14.14___14.317 @ 97.05_L
Gene Hinders___.056__10.57___10.639 @ 114.74_W
Jim Rice_______.148__15.51____15.69 @ 88.35_L
Robert Tilley____.200___11.18__11.215 @ 118.75_W
Gene Hinders___-.099___10.57__10.720 @ 123.72_L

Robert Tilley opend things up with a win over Eric Sloan as Eric couldn't quite 'hit the number' despite a better reaction time. Gene Hinders was able to stop Jim Rice as he ran closer to his index and had the better reaction.The finals had Robert Tilley taking the win despite his somewhat "off" reaction time as Gene's car fell off the pace.

Aug 9th Open Comp Race Results Tri-State Raceway

Jim Winters Sr.---.000------NA---------NA-------NA *WIN*
Gene Hinders-----NA--------NA--------Broke------Broke

An uneventful race day as the usual suspects didn't show up and Gene's car was shut off at the line for a fluid leak.