Monday, June 15, 2009

09 Round Two Results

Event #2 Midwest Open Comp Series 2009

Round One
Corey Herman-------79 ECamino------10.45---10.830 94.41 W
Kari Neshiem--------03 Mustang------14.05---14.247 97.87 L

Dave Senderhauf----89 Mustang--------9.70----9.749 127.61 W
Jason Neshiem------70 Mustang-------10.86---10.975 121.83 L

Gene Hinders-------79 Fairmont-------10.38---10.492 116.28 W
Dan Tebbe---------72 Chevelle----------11.82---11.887 111.23 L

Dave Senderhauf------89 Mustang-------9.70---9.858 139.63 W

Gene Hinders----------79 Fairmont------10.38---10.428 125.63 W
Corey Herman---------79 ElCamino------10.45---10.536 123.73 L

Gene Hinders----------79 Fairmont-------10.38---10.398 128.70 W
Dave Senderhauf------89 Mustang----------9.70----9.785 141.22 L ************************************************

A little light on the turnout as we had some drivers with 'car issues' before qualifying had started. We had some new old-faces join the ranks once again and we had some new new-faces as well.


Round One had the ever tough Corey Herman in his '79 ElCamino take the win over Kari Neshiem's super-clean '03 Mustang with the reaction time being a key in the victory.
Dave Senderhauf and Jason Neshiem put their 89 and 70 Mustangs through the paces with a couple of very close reaction times posted by each driver...Dave was a bit closer to the index at the stripe and took the win despite the slight disadvantage at the start.
Gene Hinders rode the holeshot to the finish for the win in his '79 Fairmont despite Dan Tebbe being closer to his index on that pass in his immaculate 72 Chevelle.

Round Two had Dave Senderhauf recieving the bye due to his being the #1 quailifyer and took a nine second solo trip to the final round.
Gene Hinders and Corey Herman squared off in a very close race as the indexes were 10.38 and 10.45 respectively. Gene took a slight advantage at the start and carried it all the way to the stripe and was slightly closer to the index as's always a close race when the Ford / Chevy pair line up against one another!

The Final Round was a close race as well....Dave Senderhauf took the slight advantage at the start (.031 to .039) but had some tire spin at the hit and lost a little ET...Gene Hinders 60ft wasn't off near as much and Gene's 10.393 pass off of his 10.38 index was good enough to hold off Dave's hard charging Mustang that ran a 9.785 at 141.22 off of his 9.70 index.

"The air was abit off of where it had been and we knew that the ole FlashBack wasn't going to run anything better than a 10.38 under these conditions, so when we hit that 10.48 qualifying pass I was sure happy with that pass!" Gene

The next event will be July 18th at Cedar Falls Raceway don't forget to check out the Midwest Open Comp Series sponsors:
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