Sunday, May 17, 2009

Round One For 2009 Is In The Books

Due to the highwinds we ran the race on the 1/8 mile.

Eight cars were in the field and it shook out like this:

Round One

Name Car Index ET MPH
John Miller 70 Nova 6.47 6.542 92.71 W
Eric Youngblood Mustang 7.76 8.033 90.04 L

Tom Fangman Chevelle 5.90 6.059 111.90 W
Jim Ketels Camaro 7.41 7.507 89.86 L

Tim Ketels Camaro 6.56 6.598 102.42 W
Corey Herman 79 ElCamino 6.43 6.446 105.60 L

Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont 6.44 6.496 101.24 W
Bill Lehman 68 Mustang 6.18 6.243 108.42 L

Round Two Semi-Finals
Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont 6.44 6.493 101.04 W
John Miller 70 Nova 6.47 6.494 104.28 L

Tim Ketels Camaro 6.56 6.586 102.90 W
Tom Fangman Chevelle 5.90 5.986 114.57 L

Tim Ketels Camaro 6.56 6.602 102.45 W
Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont 6.44 6.470 103.63 L

Even with a lower than expected car count we did outdraw the 'Headliner" class (the 10.5 outlaw series) so we felt good about our turnaout in comparison!
The racing was as close as ever with margins of victory as close as .0012 at the finish!
The finals were decided by .0047 of a second and I came up on the shortend of that one to a good racer and friend Tim Ketels.
Round one had John Miller from Waterloo's wheelstanding Nova taking the win against West Lafayette, Indiana's own Eric Youngblood.
Another impressive wheelsup win was Tom Fangman from Dundee, Ia in his Chevelle taking out Waterloo's Jim Ketels very nice early-model Camaro.
Next up was the closest race of the day as Dyersville's own Tim Ketels won by a mere .0012 over the ever tough Corey Herman's El Camino out of Minnesota.
The final pair in round one was Gene Hinders (me) out of Hudson, Ia taking the win over Boone, Ia racer Bill Lehman in his vintage 68 Mustang Fastback.
The semi-finals was a squeeker of a win for Gene's Fairmont over John's Nova as both racers ran a 6.94 elapsed time and it was a hole-shot that gave Gene the win.
In the other pairing it was Tim taking the win over Tom as Tom jumped the gun and fouled away any chance of winning.
The final round was determined by .0047 of a second with Tim's holeshot covering Gene's pass and his 6.60 pass off of his 6.56 index held off Gene's 6.47 pass off of his 6.44 index.