Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thank You!

In addition to our MWOC Series Sponsors:
Glory Days Racing
Arnold Motor Supply
Phoenix Specialty Coatings
FireCore50 Ignition Wires
Roeder Performance Machine
Roush / Yates Performance Parts
Weber & Hazlet Automotive
Diamonds Body Shop
Bill Colwell Ford

I want to personally thank the sponsors that stuck with me the last few seasons as it's been a little tough for various reasons. We had a good run this season and won our fourth MWOC Championship in '09...the car counts weren't what we were expecting but the level of competition was not lacking.
Thanks to:
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Season Finale '09 MWOC

The final race of the 2009 Midwest Open Comp Series was held on a gorgeous October day at Cedar Falls Raceway.

We had seven competitors entered for the race and John H. Miller lead the way in qualifying with a near perfect .001 reaction time and anchored by Eric Sloan's -.053 who was having some difficulty with a rolling problem at the start with his car.

Round One

Driver Car Index RT ET MPH
Mike Brandt 94 Stang 11.28 .105 11.260 118.41 L
Gene Hinders 79 Faimont 10.28 .086 10.296 129.90 W

Eric Sloan 86 Stang 13.83 .337 13.824 82.21 L
Corey Herman 79 ElCamino 10.13 .069 10.138 119.60 W

Brad Wurtzberger 72 Chevelle 10.48 .124 10.541 126.06 L
Jim Winters Sr 64 Falcon 10.13 .034 10.959 119.14 W

John Miller 70 Nova 10.35 .582 18.428 80.51 W

Gene Hinders 79 Fairmont 10.28 .073 10.294 130.39 L
John Miller 70 Nova 10.35 .021 10.413 128.02 W

Corey Herman 79 ElCamino 10.13 .058 10.215 127.34 L
Jim Winters Sr 64 Falcon 10.83 .031 10.837 124.13 W

John Miller 70 Nova 10.35 .451 10.438 109.43 L
Jim Winters Sr 64 Falcon 10.13 .039 10.881 112.18 W

The car count was still a little lighter than we were hoping for but the word is getting out once again, for example, first time O/C racer Mike Brandt vowed to return for any and all MWOC events to be held in the 2010 season....once ya run the ProTree it's hard not to come back for more!

Round one had Mike up against the points leader Gene Hinders and although neither one had a particularly good reaction time Gene's slightly better RT was good for the win as Mike brokeout trying to stay ahead. Eric Sloan's starting line woes continued and then ran .006 too fast off of his index as Corey Herman ran a near perfect 10.138 off of his 10.13 index to take the win. Jim Winters Sr returned for some O/C action and took his round one win over Brad Wurtzberger with the reaction time one again being the deciding factor. John Miller had the bye run as the number one qualifier receives that honor and he made an easy coasting pass on his run.

The Semi-Final round had four stout racers matching up with John taking a very close win (.0036) over Gene and Jim taking the win over Corey as Jim was only .007 off of his index and Corey brokeout by .005 trying to take the win.

The Final Round saw John make a uncharacteristic mistake at the start and Jim cruised to a fairly easy win with his 64 Falcon.

At the end of the day the trophies were handed out as well as some prizes for a few of the Top Ten racers, not to mention the cash and awards for the Top Five finishers in the points chase.

The final standings were:
1.Gene Hinders 163
2. Corey Herman 95
3. John Miller 79
4. Jim Winters Sr 46
5. Tim Ketels 44
6. Dave Senderhauf 40
7. Lynne Benedict 39
8. Dan Tebbe 31
9. Eric Sloan 29
10. Tom Fangman 27
11. Bill Lehman 18
12. Brad Wurtzberger 17
13. Jason Neshiem 16
14. Mike Brandt 15
15. Kari Neshiem 15
16. Eric Youngblood 15
17. Jim Ketels 13